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Audi Indore After Sales

Audi Indore, your new Audi Partner in Indore welcomes you to a whole new experience in the world of service. Located at Dewas Naka, Pipliyakumar Indore. Our new state of the art workshop is spread over 40.000sq ft. and equipped with state of the art tool, equipment, Audi trained personnel and ample of working bays. Here it is our constant endeavor to ensure that all Audi cars are given the exclusive treatment that they deserve. We have the biggest premium brand luxury Audi workshop with all the facilities.

We have tailored concepts; like professional Service Management with proactive approach towards customers’ expectations an requirements. Professional service management is a service philosophy and a service strategy for ensuring high service for costumers all the times.

Audi direct reception is a high quality design and its visual and spatial proximity to the customer zone makes it a central point. It adds element of direct interaction and communication between car owners and service advisors. The focus is on optimized customer contact.

Our workshop meets and exceeds qualitative service standard requirements. Our interest and aim is to offer all our customers the very best service in the premium segment auto industry. Hence we have paid attention to every minute detail of planning the work facility at all the time.

Our highly motivated taskforce is passionate in applying their full effort and personality to the tasks and services, showing high commitment levels.

Alongside to technical qualification of our staff, the scope and quality of our workshop equipment are the key to a high level of work quality and customer satisfaction.

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